It’s My First Ketoversary!

“Nothing beats a failure but a try.”

— My Momma

Sup, Fam?!

Guess what?! It’s my 1st Ketoversary! How did it all begin, you ask? Well, I’m happy to tell you!

One year ago, my husband and I were vacationing in Puerto Rico. We decided to walk around Old San Juan with a group of friends. What I remember most about the excursion are all of the problems I experienced: constantly stopping to catch my breath, feet hurting and super swollen, profuse sweating, and stopping every couple paces to readjust my shorts, sitting and waiting for the group because a random stair case was too steep, etc. I was overwhelmed with this feeling that everyone could see how much I was struggling. I was beyond embarrassed and angry with myself.

“How’d I get here?” I kept whispering to myself. On that day, I was approximately 345 pounds–the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life. “How’d I let this happen?” Deep down inside, I already knew the answer–I just wasn’t ready to say it. I’d like to think that this day was my “rock bottom” moment on my weight loss journey. I was a pre-diabetic wearing a snug size 26, avoiding mirrors and photos, and taking a boatload of medication. Something had to change. I realized the way I was living my life had to change.

That night at dinner, a friend started talking about something called the Ketogenic Diet. My husband and I had never heard of it before. The more he kept talking, however, the more and more my ears perked up. It didn’t sound impossible, this keto thing. It sounded like something I could manage. I looked at my husband and we locked eyes–I knew we were thinking the same thing–Let’s try Keto! What really struck me about my friends testimonial was how the symptoms/ailments he had simply vanished. The possibility of losing weight AND feeling better had my undivided attention.

And so, on 8/6/18, we began our Keto journey and that is when KetoTeacherBae was born. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve experienced great progress in terms or weight loss (as much as 45lbs) and even greater emotional obstacles (which is an entirely separate blog post). What I know for sure (Hey, Oprah!) is that this diet works, if you work it. I’ve gained some weight back, unfortunately, but I’m determined to get back on track.

Here’s to building a better and healthier me in the days, weeks, months and years to come!

Sincerely, I am,


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